Teambuilding with the Focus Profile®

Interview with Maja Clausen, HR manager at Broedrene Dahl A/S.
HR manager Maja Clausen at Broedrene Dahl A/S has developed a teambuilding process with starting point in the Garuda Focus Profile®.



This process is offered to all 1100 employees. A Perfect tool for team building The Garuda Focus Profile® is perfect for teambuilding”, Maja Clausen says. I especially like the Head-Heart-Leg model, it illustrates that there is a need for us all, because of our differences strong/weak sides we complete the team. I feel this is very essential.


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COWI expects savings and increased quality

Interview with Human Resource Development Manager, Ivan Jensen COWI Consult (Courtesy Marketing Coordinator Lotte Christensen, Garuda Denmark)




Professionalism "When we have chosen to work with Garuda Online Test System, it is with a clear expectation of a rationalization gain, it is a more flexible and professional process, not only from our point of view, but hopefully also from the applicants point of view," Ivan Jensen says.

"At COWI we have recently decided to use a profile test in relation to all recruitment,"
"We are pleased with Garuda’s Competence Profile. We have worked with it for many years, and it serves its purposes well," Ivan Jensen says. "

We recruit about 120 employees each year, and we also use Garuda in relation to our career system. All in so all that’s approximately 500-600 tests a year, and so all of a sudden logistics start to become interesting.


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