Garuda Belux is part of the GRI (Garuda Research Institute) located at Aarhus in Denmark. Established in 1981 by Finn Havaleschka, the GRI developed methods centred on personal development within the professional field.


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In 1984, detailed statistical analyses were carried out leading to the establishment of a model (Head/Heart/Legs) which regroups working conditions and the requirements placed upon individuals when undertaking a given professional role.

On the basis of this, three factors relating to professional tasks were selected:

From this, the personal skills to be analysed in individuals could be defined:

An exclusive characteristic: The Head/Heart/Legs model is shared throughout all Garuda tools.
The results from evaluations of employees, teams and the organisation provide solid and reliable foundations aimed at advancing the organisation and improving business efficiency.


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When can these methods and software tools be used?

Common characteristics of the software tools:

Primary advantages: