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JobMatch Profile: An ATS with behavior assessment


A 10' process to enter a job description and to link it to your current job board


1. Job Details: Title, position and description                       Video      PDF


2. Key Competences: Required competences                     Video      PDF


3. Job Profile: The ideal profile of behavior and focus              Video     PDF


4. Selection Committee: Invite people who will be involved

                                      in the selection process                    Video     PDF


5. Publish: When you publish the job candidates may apply

                 from your advert                                                   Video     PDF


6. ApplicantTracker: Attach to Candidate Finder and send

                               out invitations to apply                             Video     PDF



Will save you a lot of time and will help to identify the right candidates!


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Testing tools:

Garuda Profile®: Extended testing tool


Among the new capabilities:

Garuda Profile is a tool providing expert and precise personality analysis of candidates in a recruitment procedure. This analysis can be compared to a preferred character profile for a specific job function. A pre-defined leadership profile enables the identification of ‘born leaders’. Analyses include cross matching between questions and a weighted analysis, identifying the importance of a particular character trait to a candidate. A job specification can be attached to a candidate profile providing matching on both task and personality levels. The effects of

mis-matching of a profile are provided, with an interpretation which can be used to clarify these aspects with a candidate. Personal profiles can also be compared to a self-evaluation, providing further input for an interview. The Garuda Profile is also perfect for analysing employees with a view to re-orientation (see also the Focus Profile for evaluation of behaviours.



Examples of outputs:




Approach to tasks

 Impulsive: Is a very calm and "solid" type who emphasises self-control. Exercises a great degree of self-control. Doesn't spontaneously show feelings,opinions or attitudes.

Approach to achievements

 Self Confidence: Is very confident about own capacity and abilities. Is happy to acceptnew challenges without hesitation. Is almost always more than 100 percent convinced that one can handle more than most other people

Psychological Strength: Here shows the profile a very robust and physical strong person, whois not affected by criticism, defends or personal humiliations. Does nothave a great need to protecting and defending him or herself, but takescriticism at a constructive level.

Influence: Is apparently very ambitious when it comes to have influence. Can bevery persistent when things does not work out as he or she wants it to.Might be somewhat dominating in other peoples opinion.

Physical Energy: Is a calm and relaxed person who is easy-going with most of the things

going on. Can be geared to a higher level of activity, but not until it is really urgent.





As far are the traits going to the right, as far the respondants profile is close to the one of the best Leaders.





The results are available in the form of graphics and text with comparative analyses. Detailed interpretations are available which can be used as a basis for an interview with a candidate (or employee).


When to use?


  • Candidate screening in a recruitment procedure
  • Analysis of candidate profiles according to16 weighted character traits
  • Identification of candidates with leadership profiles
  • Definition of an ideal job profile
  • Comparison of employees exercising identical functions (success factors)
  • Determination of standard profiles per function
  • Support for annual evaluations or function changes




  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic graphical user interface
  • Context sensitive help
  • Clear easy-to-read instructions and user manual
  • Multilingual (English, French, Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish…)
  • Objective basis for screening and matching
  • Detailed statistics and comparisons for in-depth analysis
  • Profile database (3,000 profiles) for wider comparisons
  • Windows® based software package


Benefits :


  • Significant time saving for recruitment procedure by HR specialists
  • In-depth and objective matching between candidate and function profile
  • Personnel profile database
  • Groups based on various criteria (socio-demographic, character traits etc)